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Yacht charter New Zealand - - the entire world at 3 islands
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Yacht Charter New Zealand - three different Islands

In fact, exploring is a task for years - not weeks.
Here, too, weeks on land before the yacht charter are worthwhile.

The whole world in miniature on 3 islands.

15,000 kilometers along the coast - that will take time.

Actually, exploring is a chore for years - not a few weeks of vacation.

The whole world in miniature on 3 islands.

Just like Australia and the USA, New Zealand is a top competitor in the America's Cup. So you are probably not the only sailing boat on the coast of New Zealand. In a country that has more sheep than inhabitants, one is happy about like-minded people (... people).

If you land in Aukland, the Bay of Islands is ideal with over 100 larger and many small islands.
To be able to sail quickly with the rented yacht in a dreamlike landscape with such a huge country - that's something.
The light and the colors in New Zealand are incomparable - everything that you know about great photos does not have to be post-processed in Photoshop - it is so real there!

the South Island

much less inhabited - more sheep than inhabitants - climatically different to the north. Pure nature

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the North Island

Every word would be too little here - there is simply too much to experience and see.

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