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Yacht-charter USA
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Yacht charter USA - Pacific + Atlantic

- Kalifornien, West Coast, Florida,and US Virgin Islands -

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California: Pacific
Newport Beach, San Francisco Bay, San Diego
Everyone has heard of the America's Cup, which has already been held on the Pacific Coast of the USA and only with the most expensive racing yachts in the world. That is still the case today. At least infected by the enthusiasm for sailing, a scene has also established itself among the not so wealthy sailors. Originally held by the New York Yacht Club, the trophy and the next venue will move to the country of the winner.
Usually we start the charter from the Marina del Ray, but there are also many other starting options. Always be on your guard in San Francisco Bay. When looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, don't forget how quickly the weather and currents change here.
San Diego with its huge marina also testifies to the popularity of this sport here. I would charter here between June and October.

East coast: Atlantic
Huge sailing area with beautiful inlets. Even in New York, you can drive past the Statue of Liberty to the skyscrapers. The Chesapeke Bay is a separate area in the confluence of many converging rivers. We personally think Maine is the most beautiful, because here the sailing scene mixes with the historical, slowly growing fishing villages and the design of the earlier cargo sailors can be admired in every port. As mentioned above, the Americas Cup (named after a yacht and not after the Country) first from New York.
The entire east coast has always been a great sailing mecca. The tradition of immigrants, who used to come by sailing ship, proudly shows itself at every opportunity and the old sailing ships of the last centuries are preserved with passion.

Countless marinas for the scene, which is mainly characterized by motor yachts.
The more stable weather and the long season and the short distance to the Bahamas make this area interesting for yachties. The famous Everglades in the south of the Florida peninsula are also a national park. The Florida Keys are ideal for sailing with many coral islands.
Miami is a popular starting point for Caribbean cruises.
Florida Keys - the door to the Bahamas

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The Chanel Islands off Long Beach or the coast near San Diego - the America's Cup location

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USA Eastcoast

Countless inlets and beautiful coastlines. From busy to lonely.

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