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Yacht charter Canaries - Gran Canaria
Charter Areas

Snow and sailing at same time - Yacht Charter Canaries

Who loves Gran Canaria with its hustle and bustle in the tourist centers,
finds very interesting more natural landscape and nice inhabitants in the area around.
The other Canary Islands are volcanic or particularly natural.

Something for everyone on your Canary Islands yacht charter

Yacht charter Canaries, Gran Canaria

Area for experienced sailors - the Canaries
Consistent trade winds, which are strongly refreshing on the leeward side and between islands due to downwinds and jet effects - be careful

Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hiero
Good sailing wind all year round. Known as the last stop for sailors crossing the Atlantic and therefore an atmosphere comparable to that of the Azores.
Many well-known meeting places for deep-sea sailors.

In this area, please read the usual books and port guides beforehand in order to avoid surprises. At least two sailors on board should be experienced. Then it will be a great vacation at sea and on land.

Teneriffa and Lanzarote

Less crowded and interesting landscape

Gran Canaria

Skiing on the summit and swimming in the sea on the same day. It is possible here.

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